New Project – Rhiiila

I am so excited to share with you this new project I’m working on. I am opening an Etsy shop called: Rhiiila. If you follow me on instagram you might recognize it, as it is the same name that I use for my instagram name. Rhiiila is all about creating and at the moment it is starting off with unique handcrafted  jewellery.Logo Idea1 RhiiilaYou might think to yourself, well what is this all about? What makes your jewellery special? To be honest, first and foremost it is the materials that I use that makes this product so unique! Each piece is extra special, because the wood that I use comes from the offcuts of the music instruments that my husband makes (predominantly, acoustic and bass guitars). So you  know that each bit of wood was apart of something else special and that you will be receiving quality, exotic woods in your jewellery piece.

But it’s also the design.

Each piece of jewellery will be unique, as it is all completely handmade. No machines involved, just good old-fashioned tools. Most designs will be based around geometric designs, which helps them to be timeless pieces of art that you can wear. so please visit my new store Rhiiila and have a look. There will be more designs and products to come so feel free to visit the store every now and then to see if there are any updates.


I’m nervous about people’s opinions, but I’ve accepted that this is all apart of making/creating and putting yourself out there to share your work! I hope you enjoy!


What creative project have you been working on lately? Leave a comment. I’d love to know and keep the creativity conversation alive!!


Rhiiila xo


Opportunities to release some creativity and a little bit of Wales.

It’s been awhile since I have released a blog post. This blog was supposed to be a platform to support my creative endeavors but as it happens after intentionally forcing myself to get out and creative for a while, I recently ended up in the land void of creativity. I was just focusing on work and moving house. I even went on a quick little trip to wales and failed to relish the opportunity for creativity (The stunning landscape was definitely inspiring and I didn’t take many photos). But recently, after finally moving into our own home. Even though I am now even more busy than before, inspiration for creativity has returned and I couldn’t be more excited!! I will write a full post on this a little later this week but for now I just wanted to pop by and say that I am still here and this is still a journey of creation, life and travel and I am SO excited about this new venture I am starting. It is now mid term break and I am hoping to get this thing up and running or at least onto it’s feet and I am so excited to share it with you. Can’t wait to see what you think of it… But for now I will share some of the (few) photos I took on our long weekend to wales! I really loved venturing around Wales and can’t wait to return soon!!

Have a happy start to the week I hope you enjoy the photos!



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María 6/100

Hello there!! Here I am, finally getting out of my “deep slumber ” moment and finding some strangers to photograph! If I want to finish before the year ends I need (according to my ever so lovely, likes to remind me of my goals husband) 9 strangers a month… NINE!! So I really need to get a wriggle on!

So without any more babble, let me introduce you to number 6/100.

_DSC5755This is María, my beautiful number 6! María was standing at Kensington High Street Station waiting for a friend when I spotted her. I had just taken the trip out there to do some Wholefoods Shopping before the easter weekend got underway. The weather today was that which most people expect when they hear the name London.


Yep. It was raining. It was also a little chilly so she was taking shelter inside the shopping/entry area. That’s when I decided maybe it was a good time to get the ball rolling again with my project and blog. I asked María if she’d be interested in being apart of my project and she kind of just stared at me like I was a weird ( we know I am a lil) but eventually she opened up, and I guess understood my rambling words of nerves and agreed to be photographed. As I took photos, we chatted about who María was.


María is from Madrid, Spain. Originally born in Peru (Lima) but she moved to Spain with her parents and brother when she was only 4 years old. Since then, Maria has been living in Madrid. “My lovely Madrid.” as she refers to it. She says she feels more Spanish than Peruvian. Although one day she would like to go back to Peru to learn more about her origins. (But just for holiday as she really loves Madrid.)


María and I talked about what she does and it turns out she is a teacher! She says since she was a kid she wanted to be a teacher and has never had any doubts. Now at 1 month shy of 28 years of age, María has studied a Bachelor’s Degree “Kindergarten Education” from 0 to 6 years old and is just finishing off studying another degree “Primary Education Specialized in English”.


When María moved to London for the very first time it was in 2012, she came to London because she wanted to study English and improve it. So, Maria was a student at EC London (Euston) for 10 months. During this time she met “amazing and wonderful” people and connected with them so much that when it was time to say “goodbye” and go back to Spain she felt that a part of her heart stayed in London. So, she promised herself: that she would come back to London. “Someday. Somehow.”


So, she spent the next year (2013) thinking about move to London again so she could be part of the amazing city. Finally, María and her boyfriend decided to leave Spain and come here in 2014. Now Maria has been living here for a year and two months and working in retail since then. After a couple of photos María’s friend arrived, so I quickly snapped the two of them, thanked her for her time and continued on my way home!


As most people have started their long weekends, I wish you safe and enjoyable times with friends, family and whoever else you might spend your time with. Remember the reason for the holiday break…

You are accepted.


No matter who you are, what you’ve done or what you might do. Just give it over to God! He’s already taken your burdens in exchange for life.

Till next time.

Rhiiila xo

Marcia Mello 5/100

It’s been awhile since I have had the chance to find a stranger, and the beautiful spring sun/air is always an inviting opportunity to get out and walk around. I was out in Notting Hill on Portobello Road, which on Saturdays is ALWAYS buzzing with people. As you’re walking along entertained by looking at all the things you can buy, the atmosphere is set by buskers sharing their art.

Sometimes life has a way of pushing you in the right direction. You couldn’t miss her clear folky voice floating over the top of all the street noise.

m4 Marcia Mello. Stunning. Her feathers are what caught my eye first and then I stood and watched her for a while. She exuded joy as she played her songs and everyone around clearly appreciated her as well, many people walked up and spoke to her or dropped offerings of appreciation. In between songs I asked if I could photograph her for my project and smiling  back at me she was more than happy to be apart of it.


Marcia has been playing guitar for forty-five years and loves to busk wherever she goes. Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, she has been living in London for the past 12 years, has recorded twelve CDs and is starting a new one before she goes back to Cape Cod in May. She has been a part of many musical projects including an album David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd) co released with the Orb in 2010 entitled “Metallic Spheres”  on which her original “Black Graham”  was. She said, “David gave our royalties to a friend of his , Gary McKinnon who was a UK hacker with aspergers syndrome who hacked into the US government and NASA looking for UFOs. It happened right after 9/11 and he fought extradition as a terrorist for ten years. The UK government got him off a few years ago.” I knew nothing about this but I looked it up and it seems like it was quite a big story.



She mentioned that she has played with a lot of talented musicians. Marcia plays mostly prewar, ragtime , slide guitar blues, some old folk, classical and her own originals. She had a few teachers briefly when she was 15, 19 and 48 years old but did not attend music school and she has a repertoire of five hours.


For the Queens Diamond Jubilee Marcia wrote an instrumental called “Merlins’ Cave” and sent it to the Queen. To her surprise and delight she received a letter from Buckingham Palace that the Queen wrote saying “it gave her much pleasure”.

On the side Marcia also calls herself a glassblower and oil painter. Marcia talks about how she was married for 25 years and brought up two daughters. She grew all the familys’ food from seed to canning and freezing it for winter. Her husband had a tree farm and they used to cut and sell firewood and logs for the mill, she used to drive the tractor and  threw the cordwood in the truck. Later she split from her husband to pursue her music, returning to her native Cape Cod. She always kept playing her guitar and now she is focusing on her music and loves what she does which is clear to see.

m9 Her beautiful guitar is an archtop electric Kay guitar from 1966, she bought it 12 years ago for $300.00 in Cambridge Massachusetts at Sandys’ Music. She has had it refretted and has worn it out playing so much but says she calls it her “Big Fat Daddy “.

m8m10 m11 m12

Marcia loves London as she has a lot of recording opportunities. She has such a deep, rich story of following her dreams and passions which I find so inspiring… but I also feel I can barely sketch it out for you! I feel so lucky to have met this stunning soul. If you ever pass her busking, stop for a moment to enjoy the music she is playing and appreciate the gift she is sharing! You can check out some of her music here.


I hope you have met someone recently who has been inspirational to you!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Rhiii xo


So I have been really excited about how my blog is coming along… Consistent posting, communicating with others and the fact it is encouraging me to push my photography to grow! I am grateful for those who have been supporting me and communicating with me! It is so encouraging!! Lately I have been quiet and it’s not because I haven’t been taking photos…

It’s just that I’ve been at a different point of inspiration… and now I finally know what it is! Lately I have been craving the physical creation of things, paint, draw, sculpt etc. and while photography is a wonderful creative outlet. I always find myself doing weird doodles and drawings either from things around me/and or random things that pop into my head.  I do this then sometimes I will post a picture of it on Instagram or share it with my hubby and that’s about as far as this piece inspiration will travel.


But today I decided I will embark on another project of my own to give myself guidelines in which to create and grow in. I’ve always wanted to but have never felt good enough to create a “zine” for those who do not know what a zine is, it is a small circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images usually in black and white and reproduced via photocopiers (thanks Wikipedia). Anyway I admire so many Zine makers because they continue to create little artworks that entertain and inspire.

So today I decided I am going to make one, it will be titled “London Chills” and I think I will be putting in all the random/strange things I hear or observe as I pass through my London life. I have started the front cover of my first and hope that I will be photocopying my first volume very soon!! I plan to ask shops/cafes if I can leave some there for people to take for free, as long as they give a little entertainment I feel my job is done! I will probably try to scan and upload them here to my blog to so if you’re not in London you still get the feels of my lil books!!


Anyway that is just a little update on my creative life. I hope you are all well! What would you like to see in my “London Chills” zine? Would you be likely to pick one up? I hope your week has been a good one!

Bring on the weekend!!

Rhiii xx


Brick Lane, Typical Freaks, Food and so much more!!

I get so excited by markets, food and friends (I don’t know if that happens to you.) Today I went out with my girls to a clothes swap and sale near brick Lane. _DSC4263

It’s always fun to walk through places like Brick Lane and watch the pick and mix assortment of crowds, it’s never a boring place. Food, fashion, art and music everywhere, but this is just a super quick post. I’ll share a few snaps from the day, but what I really want to share with you, is the good news of super talented and creatives!

tiffThis is Tiffany, from Chicago- She runs the amazing blog But besides that she’s a lot of fun to be around.









What I am most excited to tell you about is this really refreshing London based label called “Typical Freaks” If you love things created by people out of passion and love you will love Typical Freaks, their products are bright, bold and alluring. In addition to that if you love texture this is texture central (it’s an amazing sensory experience!)


I promised myself not to be spending too much money as we are still recovering from our recent holiday in Canada. So I bought a pair of earrings but their products don’t stop at jewellery. They have everything from shirts, dresses and even amazing socks! If you need a little something to brighten your day, spark up your life maybe a dash of Typical Freaks is what you need!!


I hope your week starts off as bright as finding these earrings made me feel!

Rhiii xo

Alessio and Mario 4/100

Not only did I meet other photographers on the London photo walk, but I also had the opportunity to run into some strangers who weren’t apart of the group while we walked around the city. What I love about this project is the opportunity to share people’s stories!

Alessio and Mario were taking photos of each other with a GoPro and checking out their images when I approached them. You could see their charismatic personalities from across the road so I had made a beeline for them. When I asked if I could take some photos of them, they were more than happy to participate they didn’t even actually ask why. But in my usual rehearsed nervous speech I explained anyway!


I asked where they were from Alessio is from Ancona and small city in Middle East Italy and Mario is from Madrid, Spain. I asked them a few questions why they and they shared their stories with me!


Alessio says the main reason why most of Italians move abroad is to escape the big political crisis that they live with. But he moved because he was bored with the small city life.”Basically,” he says,” I think that venues and hangouts shape 90% of the crowd and the surrounding area in a city and in a lot of Italian cities the main genre of music is commercial/house with cheesy discos.”

Alessio is mainly into indie / psychedelic and noise rock. “All the music scene I love is from London, Brighton, Brooklyn, etc…I don’t like Italian indie.” He used to produce electronic music with a friend. He says they were forced to play in other regions since where he was didn’t have a spotlight for this genre. If you’re interested you can check their stuff out here: Electrofixed


He’s been living here a year and a half and he calls living in London “the best game changer experience” but says he can tell that he’s not going to put roots down here and that he has always dreamed of living in Toronto,CA, so this is just the first step.

aless hay   sjoeam

Mario says he is the kind of guy who can’t stop thinking about new goals, targets or objectives. He’s been working since he was 16, in retail. He studied two degrees and once he graduated in both Marketing and Advertising and Public Relationships the decision to move to London to live a dream was in motion. This dream was achieved when he began working for Apple, it’s been 4 months since he has joined them and just 8 months since he took the plane from Madrid to London. What he loves most about working for Apple is, “their philosophy, the way they do things and the way they take care of us!”


Now he has new goals, one of them is learning Italian, and he says he is on this goal already  (I guess have Alessio as a friend is helpful!). The next one is make my career in the company where I always dream to work. Apart from his job Mario enjoys learning, photography, technology, running and he also writes articles in Spanish.


 Since he kept talking about how much he loves achieving and thinking of new goals I asked him if he had any advice/tips for achieving goals and this is what he said:

“I’m not the kind of guy who likes to give advice, but I will say: Be sure who are you and what you want to achieve, always in a general term and then go for it, step by step. Don’t try to reach the moon if you don’t know how to get there, begin learning about it, build a spaceship, learn how to control it and then try to get there in any way possible. Don’t ever hesitate about your final goal and be the kind of person who your parents are going to be proud of! 


Thank you Alessio and Mario for sharing your stories and being apart of my project! I hope you achieve all your goals!

They are both really interesting people, there is so much more I could share what we talked about but I don’t want to talk your ear off. All I can say is we had some laughs!

I’d love to know what goals you have been working towards lately? I feel that so far I’m on track for my blogging goals! So thank you for reading and helping me be encouraged to continue this!

Rhiii xo