Starting with a flashback

Happy New Year!! It’s so hard to figure out where to start your blog. Especially when you just wish it would be up and running already. But since this is the time of year to be reflecting on things, I decided to flash back to where my husband and I spent summer 2014 in New York (one of my favourite parts of 2014). New York City was the last place we were before we made the move to London. I have been to NYC before but I just wasn’t prepared enough to take on the beautiful concrete jungle that New York is. This time around I wasn’t going to let that happen. We stayed there for a whole month and even then I STILL don’t feel like I gathered enough scents, sounds, flavours and experiences! ah well… I’ll just have to go again!

Anyway one of my favourite days was when the hubby and I went to theJazz Age Lawn Party. It was one hot and sunny Sunday. Couldn’t have been happier since it had been raining earlier in the week. The Jazz Age Lawn Party is a 1920’s dress up event for the whole family and generally just a good ole time. It’s situated on Governor’s Island a stunning green island from which you can view the beautiful skyline of Manhattan.


As a travelling person I had to improvise with my outfit. So I tried to mix it up to the likes of an “urban flapper” style. I was pretty happy with how that turned out! OUTFIT

Everyone is beautiful. No lie. Everyone gives their costume 110% and all I could do, as that nosey, awkward and curious person was to revel and take photos of this absolutely electric atmosphere!

dancersdrinkmen moustachemanband

Looking at these photos now just makes me lust for the sun! I guess that’s all I can do for now as the real winter cold begins to set in here.


As you can imagine I was going crazy taking photos… but I also spent time enjoying the sun, the music, food and even dancing!!


If you’re interested in seeing more photos from this day, I just set up a Flickr account and I will be putting some images up soon… so you can go over and check out some more there!

AND… If you’re on my side of the world where winter is beginning to live up to its name I hope these images brought you some warmth. And if you’re on the summer side of the world I hope you’re having lots of fun in the sun!!

Happy New Year…

Rhi xx


4 thoughts on “Starting with a flashback

  1. So pretty! The winter is getting to me a little but it won’t be long before the sun is back here! My fave image is the lady with the gold glasses! Amazing! I will definitely have to get to this party soon! YAY to your posts coming! I’ve just been reading blogs and getting inspired to do it again. Love your images ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She was just the best!! I got a few photo’s of her at different moments!
      It really was the best!
      Trying my best to dive in! New year, New start!
      Cant’t wait to see some of your posts coming out!! xx


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