100 Strangers

Let’s be honest, being comfortable is convenient. We all like our routines… we’re creatures of habit! We have our go to shops, go to chocolates (or other foods), go to friends etc. they are our “go to”  because it’s easy. We have already established a relationship there. (Ain’t nobody gonna mess with me and hazelnut chocolates!) We’ve all got our thing and when those things need to change it’s never easy.

When my husband and I first moved to London we’d just finished 3 months of road tripping across the USA lassilasadventure.wordpress.com.  I had intended to start my own blog of all things London Living when we arrived. Before I could begin reality smacked me in the face with a celery stick. It was cold, hard and had no substance. I was lonely even though I was with my best friend. I was jobless, and I was living in a house with strangers; who had even stranger habits. The hardest part of all this, was that everything was unfamiliar.

But now that life is a little more settled and it’s a new year…I’ve decided to make myself a little more uncomfortable. HOW? …..WHY?  You may ask… and if not. I’m going to share anyway! ha ha. The 100 Strangers Project!!

The 100 Strangers project is a photography group on Flickr created for those wishing to improve both their social and technical skills needed for taking portraits of strangers.  The reason I am so attracted to this is because lately I have felt a gap in my interaction with other people. I’ve already stated that I am awkward and I have accepted this into my life, but I also find myself, often, brutally unsociable.

One of our strongest forms of communication… Texting. I took this image on New Years Eve as we were getting ready to bring in the new year.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much of a face to screen culture we have become? (as I type on my computer!!)

I am in need of some good old-fashioned communication. FACE TO FACE. So this project is about photography, taking beautiful images? Yes! BUT, it’s also about getting out there, meeting and connecting with people FACE TO FACE, putting yourself out there and telling their stories. The rest is rather obvious I mean it’s:

  • taking 100 images,
  • getting to know your stranger a little bit
  • posting it on the group page with a lil info about your meetup

A little HONY-esque (Humans Of New York)

If you’d like to participate PLEASE  join!! The more the merrier. You can find out more information here https://www.flickr.com/groups/100strangers/. They have strict rules to make sure everyone plays fair. BUT it’s for all sorts, beginners all the way to the greatest photographer in the world… So I know you will fit in there somewhere.  😉

It’s time to get our awesome communication and human interaction on!!

If you’re interested in following my journey please feel free to subscribe/or follow me here or on Flickr or even Instagram!

Thanks for dropping by…

Rhiii xx


3 thoughts on “100 Strangers

  1. Good luck with your project! Its a great one to do but not one I’ve tried myself. I considered it ince and headed out with my camera but I got too shy…I’m saving it for a braver day!


    1. Thanks Helen! I appreciate the well wishes… I actually went out today and saw maybe 3 people i was interested in capturing… But i got way to shy and awkward! One person even greeted me and still could not work up the courage! But i know once i get started… it will be worth it!!

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