No Strangers yet… But I’m in Canada!

As you know I am embarking on a challenging journey. If you don’t know what I’m on about you can read about it here. So far my journey with that is this… I’ve been out and as I spent my time walking the streets I saw a few interesting faces as usual… My heart said YES… GO… ASK THEM!!! But my brain said NO… shame, keep walking!! Then I needed to go to the Laundromat, I took my camera with a feeling that I would have great opportunity there. 3 interesting people came in the door as I sat and waited for my bedding to dry. One lady even greeted me and chatted to me a little… But being awkward and shy I choked on my small talk conversation and couldn’t muster up the courage to ask the question.

_DSC1251I ended up taking a few photos of the Laundromat when it was empty. _DSC1261I have received a lot of good vibes and well wishes from people.  They have sent me comments and messages, all of these wishing me good luck on my project! So I am sure having these encouraging words are going to help me muster up the courage for my first person!

Oh and by the way… I’M IN CANADA!!

My husband and I, we are in Vancouver and contrary to walking across the bridge at The Niagara Falls eating poutine and walking back (in June last year). I have not YET visited this so far fresh and exciting country. As we unwind from our flight and travels I look at a few things I am grateful for so far… First, that it was so easy to navigate our way to our hotel and secondly that it is in the middle of Downtown so we’re close to everything (which means exploring the city by foot which I love).hotelOnce we settled in to our hotel room, we headed out for some YUM poutine from Smoke’s Poutinerie. I went with the traditional poutine, which is the chips gravy and cheese curd and Hayden got chicken chilli Poutine which looked really yum!  After that we just walked around and looked at the shops and the sights.

smokeys poutine_DSC1515 buskerSo why are we in Canada? We’re headed to the snow on a family holiday!!

I am NO snow person! I am the kind of person who wears a jacket on the beach in summertime cause I can feel a breeze! BUT we’re here and I am going to give it a go.

SO now I have two challenges!

  1. Photograph some strangers (talking to them first)
  2. Learn to Ski

(Side note) I am not really an outgoing person. I don’t do things normally. But I really do enjoy interacting with people! I like to call myself an extroverted Introvert. I know you might think that’s a contradiction! BUT I know someone out there will get it and it seems the best way for me to explain it!

Hope your goals and plans are still on track!

Rhiii x


One thought on “No Strangers yet… But I’m in Canada!

  1. Oh honey we are the same and it’s not a contradiction. We get energy from both social and solitude. It does mean that shyness is forefront but you have the ability to use your brain to talk you out of it and as you know once that happens magic occurs! Good luck


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