And the Ice is Broken!!

Today I achieved what I was beginning to think was impossible for me! I scraped together the courage to ask my first stranger for their portrait! As we walked around Vancouver city today looking at things and shopping, we were walking up Granville Street Hayden said, “hey let’s go in there!” I was unenthusiastic about it but I said, “sure thing.” So we went into Underworld Skateshop.

underworld First thing, we were greeted really well as we entered. You could tell that the person working there was genuinely happy and welcoming us in. She was also super helpful with all that we were browsing through (but not one of those shop people who follow you around and keep asking how they can help you…we had one of those today as well) We spent a LONG time in here looking at all the backpacks and shoes and clothes, they had a huge sale.

The shop was pretty empty so we ended up having a couple of conversations with the people working there. Just as we were getting ready to leave I said to Hayden…I think I really want to ask her for her photo. He told me to go for it!

Me, feeling awkward because we’d lapped the shop so many times we were becoming locals (and we still hadn’t picked anything up to buy) was still freaking out about asking her for her photo, but then Hayden found these shoes to try on and that was a great way in! As he was paying for them, I quickly blurted out my question and to my surprise she was happy to participate! I was SO nervous when taking the photos I don’t think my images aren’t my best. I guess that’s what this is all about, getting better, quicker and more confident! But I did get a few gems,as Hannah was an amazing model.

hannah1.3-100strangersHer name is Hannah and she is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, She was talking about how warm Vancouver is in relation to Manitoba to the point where she said the weather here almost feels like BBQ weather.

_DSC1583 hannah1-100After we did that, we did a little exploring and some more shopping. ootdshoes

I can’t wait to find my next stranger!!



3 thoughts on “And the Ice is Broken!!

  1. Awesome!!!! I like the natural lighting in the photos and eyes look tack sharp. I also like how you got the skateboards in the background which tells us just that little more about who she is and what she does.

    I remember my first few strangers, I was so nervous that I found it challenging to keep my hands still while shooting, let alone framing the shot and keeping the focus right. It looks like you’re heading in the right direction and with a beautiful set to start with. I can already tell that you will do excellently with this project. Well done!


    1. Thank Michael! It’s so good to know I am not the only one who was quivering! It’s so exciting to have something to shoot for instead of being a weird creeper taking photos of people from afar 😛


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