Snow Day and Tacos!

It’s been a little while since I have done a post. This is because I have been on a holiday with my husbands family! It has been a good time so far… but I have had my camera locked away for most of the time. But not today!

Today has to have been one of my favourite days so far! Everyone decided to take a break from the slopes today and it was a good idea. When we woke up this morning we saw the chunkiest snowflakes were falling from the sky! Some of them were at least around 5cm in diameter. Having this beautiful snow meant we HAD to run outside and take some photos! camerachani

It was so beautiful out there I finally felt like I had something to photograph. (it doesn’t hurt that my family is incredibly good looking!)



brookiechanilove chanibrookieholdstandinginthesnow BrookiebeanieheadAfter a play in the snow I went to a taco bar called La Cantina – Urban Taco Bar. YUM! These tacos were like mini flavour bombs! Juicy, full of flavour and what was EVEN better was that they were gluten and dairy free so if you have some allergies you can join in on the fun! They also have some super yummy vegetarian options!

foodfodd We had the following flavours between the two of us:

  • Tofu with zucchini, peppers, onions, tomatillo salsa, alfalfa sprouts
  • Pulled chicken in a chipotle tomato sauce cabbage salad, cilantro pesto
  • Mexican ground chorizo, potatoes, cilantro onion
  • Slow cooked brisket and potatoes in a tomatillo sauce, cilantro, onion
  • Poblano pepper, mushrooms, creamy chipotle sauce, sweet corn, feta

tacotime1 lacantieucant Something else that was fun was exploring the shops in the whistler village, going for a stroll with the hubby and dancing in the snow!


I hope that you’re enjoying whatever adventures you my embark on this week and if you’re working maybe try to find a new adventure at work to shake things up!!

meRhi xx

P.s Another awesome thing about today was I found my second stranger for my 100 Strangers project! So keep an eye out cause that is coming soon!!


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