TEA and #2 Wherever I lay my bag.

Happy Sunday! Remember when the # was used to say number? I do…

ANYWAY I am so excited to share my 2nd stranger with you! This was just as hard as the first to ask. And funny enough this person was also working (just like my first person)! This time I met my stranger in DAVIDsTEA check it out! Some of the yummiest tea I have had and it’s just an all round really cool store. The reason I was roaming around was because I hurt my knee being a complete n00b on the ski slopes and now I was hobbling around. But I hobbled into this store and don’t regret it at all! DAVIDsTEA has over 150 types of tea to choose from including their own combinations that you wouldn’t find anywhere else! They also have a rather large range of organic blends… if that’s your cup of tea… (HA ha so bad)


It was a little awkward to have this conversation as she was working and the shop was busy. So we swapped details and then I had the pleasure of catching up with her a little more over Facebook.


Her name is Kate, she is 29 and is a British lass and she has been travelling for the last 4 years. She left her home and midwife job in south-west UK, January 2011 and headed for a short 3 month Trip to Australia and New Zealand and ended up staying in New Zealand for a year. This established her travel bug. Kate was then offered work in Sydney as a midwife and was eventually granted permanent residency in Australia.


Something extra exciting thing about Kate is that she headed to the outback to continue working as a midwife with a big caseload of Indigenous women and their families…

(Side note: I find this so interesting as I recently read that according to Reconciliation Australia, six out of 10 people have had little or no contact with indigenous Australians. )

She said, “now I felt like a true Aussie! I continued my solo travels through India, Laos,Cambodia and Vietnam and I then got an unexpected confirmation that my Canada work visa was approved!”


So In October Kate headed (“pretty much blindly!”) to Vancouver and then Whistler!  Now she is working at DAVIDsTEA.




Kate says, “I love working at DAVIDsTEA because I am a big tea drinker, tea makes people’s days brighter and my colleagues are also awesome positive people who are great to be around.” In her spare time she is skiing and working as a volunteer ski instructor with the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program, teaching and buddying skiers with disabilities.


And then when we were finishing off our conversation Kate said:

“I love the freedom of having minimal things and being able to make home wherever I lay my bag!”

Kate is honestly such a beautiful woman inside and out and already at my second stranger I am grateful for the people I have met and what this project is teaching me.

Rhiii xo

P.s If you’re interested in what tea I bought I got the following and they’re all YUM!

(White) Buddha’s Blend: White tea, green tea, jasmine pearls, white hibiscus blossoms, natural and artificial flavouring. 

(Green) North African Mint, Organic: cardamom, peppermint, ginger, Japanese-style Hojicha green tea, licorice root, fennel, clove, black pepper.

(Black) Salted Caramel: Black tea, English toffee, caramel, coconut, sea salt, natural and artificial flavouring.

(Herbal) Magic Dragon: Apple, rosehips, hibiscus, sweet blackberry leaves, dragonfruit, cornflower petals, natural dragonfruit flavouring.


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