B 3

head1From the moment I saw the back of her head I knew I wanted to capture her. Does that sound a bit weird? Stalkerish? Well sometimes I can’t help it when someone has such an allure about them. I don’t know what it was, I loved her style but I know that style doesn’t always draw me in ( to be honest it sometimes intimidates me more than draws me in!)

biancb&wBianca is a 21-year-old Visual Merchandiser, from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Full of confidence said YES when I asked her for her photo and that makes THREE!!binaca1&2Bianca is in London for a short course in fashion, which her company sponsored for her. She leaves soon, but she says: “I am in the pursuit of happiness.”sideheadtalkingmouthgoodheadshot1I never asked her if she had reached her pursuit (But I have a feeling I may see her again and if not we exchanged contact info so maybe later) BUT I never asked cause I was too busy having a great conversation about who knows what now, maybe life and style, but at the time it was fun!headown talkingwritinginfoI began to point out her accessories saying I love them and she went on to tell stories about each, they all have a meaning. If they don’t mean anything to you why wear them? This is the drift I got from her anyway.watchbraceletI’m not sure my photos do her justice. I am a little disappointed with the images. I wish they would communicate more of the bubbly personality that I met… but I guess that’s all a part of learning! I think the biggest part is that I didn’t get a setting. No interesting background. (Note to self for next time!) But sometimes I rush things.headshot The more we talked the more I was drawn in to her beauty and quirks! I have realised what the project is doing for me. It’s giving me the opportunity to meet amazing people in this lonely city. Help me talk to people whom would otherwise just be a passing face in a sea of many faces!

 Rhiii Xx


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