Freezing Photowalk and Encouraging Friends.

Sometimes people pop into your life and you have no idea how they might change it! If you’ve been reading my blog from the start you will know that I am working on devoting more time to creative endeavours (if not you know now). Well I have been trying to make this a commitment for a long time now but this time it is a little different. I found one of those people… towards the end of last year. Another Aussie teaching over here in London town, I met him through some friends of mine. His name is Michael.


We got to talking and turns out he is a keen photographer. He had already started the 100 strangers project and was telling me all about! I have Michael to thank for giving me a motivation project to get me started!


I also have him to thank for inviting me along to the London Photo Walk. (this is a walking tour in a part of London with a group of keen photographers!) Although it was a FREEZING COLD day it turned out to be incredibly fun! What I appreciated most was meeting other photographers and people with similar aspirations and interests.


The day started off with the group meeting outside of St Paul’s Cathedral.


There was a 10K run happening at the time. Which was nice to watch (it also had road closure benefits, which gave us a lot more free reign to just walk the streets trying to get inspired!!)


Architectural photography isn’t really my thing, but I was open to anything… trying my best capture the day as we walked along. I can’t say I got too many wonderful photos as I spent a lot of time chatting with other photographers.


After braving the cold for a while, we couldn’t find the rest of the group. So we decided warming up to get a coffee, tea or hot chocolate was a good idea. We talk camera gear, getting started in your photography business, mistakes, successes etc. I felt like I learnt so much just chatting about all these things.

andreass_DSC3933_DSC4111michaelverticalgarden1 2michaelhangingarden2_DSC3987

Michael was ready to do anything to get a great shot! Braved it despite the fact everything was icy!!


I loved discovering new places, even though, they were everyday things most people pass by, I was in awe.


I don’t want to overload you with images… But I hope these gave you a sense of what a fantastic day we had! We ended up where we started but from a different spot. and that completed the walk.


If you are ever looking for something to do and want to meet people… I highly recommend doing this or something similar if photography is not your thing. It has been one of the most worthwhile productive things and guess what??? you can check it out here London Photo Walk They also have a Facebook (that’s where I got the contacts).

It is all completely free!! If you have someone who has inspired or encouraged you let them know and for all who are reading I want to say thank you for encouraging me to continue this journey!!

Have a good one

Rhiii xo


(P.s we finished the night up here! (not a bad view right!?)


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