Alessio and Mario 4/100

Not only did I meet other photographers on the London photo walk, but I also had the opportunity to run into some strangers who weren’t apart of the group while we walked around the city. What I love about this project is the opportunity to share people’s stories!

Alessio and Mario were taking photos of each other with a GoPro and checking out their images when I approached them. You could see their charismatic personalities from across the road so I had made a beeline for them. When I asked if I could take some photos of them, they were more than happy to participate they didn’t even actually ask why. But in my usual rehearsed nervous speech I explained anyway!


I asked where they were from Alessio is from Ancona and small city in Middle East Italy and Mario is from Madrid, Spain. I asked them a few questions why they and they shared their stories with me!


Alessio says the main reason why most of Italians move abroad is to escape the big political crisis that they live with. But he moved because he was bored with the small city life.”Basically,” he says,” I think that venues and hangouts shape 90% of the crowd and the surrounding area in a city and in a lot of Italian cities the main genre of music is commercial/house with cheesy discos.”

Alessio is mainly into indie / psychedelic and noise rock. “All the music scene I love is from London, Brighton, Brooklyn, etc…I don’t like Italian indie.” He used to produce electronic music with a friend. He says they were forced to play in other regions since where he was didn’t have a spotlight for this genre. If you’re interested you can check their stuff out here: Electrofixed


He’s been living here a year and a half and he calls living in London “the best game changer experience” but says he can tell that he’s not going to put roots down here and that he has always dreamed of living in Toronto,CA, so this is just the first step.

aless hay   sjoeam

Mario says he is the kind of guy who can’t stop thinking about new goals, targets or objectives. He’s been working since he was 16, in retail. He studied two degrees and once he graduated in both Marketing and Advertising and Public Relationships the decision to move to London to live a dream was in motion. This dream was achieved when he began working for Apple, it’s been 4 months since he has joined them and just 8 months since he took the plane from Madrid to London. What he loves most about working for Apple is, “their philosophy, the way they do things and the way they take care of us!”


Now he has new goals, one of them is learning Italian, and he says he is on this goal already  (I guess have Alessio as a friend is helpful!). The next one is make my career in the company where I always dream to work. Apart from his job Mario enjoys learning, photography, technology, running and he also writes articles in Spanish.


 Since he kept talking about how much he loves achieving and thinking of new goals I asked him if he had any advice/tips for achieving goals and this is what he said:

“I’m not the kind of guy who likes to give advice, but I will say: Be sure who are you and what you want to achieve, always in a general term and then go for it, step by step. Don’t try to reach the moon if you don’t know how to get there, begin learning about it, build a spaceship, learn how to control it and then try to get there in any way possible. Don’t ever hesitate about your final goal and be the kind of person who your parents are going to be proud of! 


Thank you Alessio and Mario for sharing your stories and being apart of my project! I hope you achieve all your goals!

They are both really interesting people, there is so much more I could share what we talked about but I don’t want to talk your ear off. All I can say is we had some laughs!

I’d love to know what goals you have been working towards lately? I feel that so far I’m on track for my blogging goals! So thank you for reading and helping me be encouraged to continue this!

Rhiii xo


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