Brick Lane, Typical Freaks, Food and so much more!!

I get so excited by markets, food and friends (I don’t know if that happens to you.) Today I went out with my girls to a clothes swap and sale near brick Lane. _DSC4263

It’s always fun to walk through places like Brick Lane and watch the pick and mix assortment of crowds, it’s never a boring place. Food, fashion, art and music everywhere, but this is just a super quick post. I’ll share a few snaps from the day, but what I really want to share with you, is the good news of super talented and creatives!

tiffThis is Tiffany, from Chicago- She runs the amazing blog But besides that she’s a lot of fun to be around.









What I am most excited to tell you about is this really refreshing London based label called “Typical Freaks” If you love things created by people out of passion and love you will love Typical Freaks, their products are bright, bold and alluring. In addition to that if you love texture this is texture central (it’s an amazing sensory experience!)


I promised myself not to be spending too much money as we are still recovering from our recent holiday in Canada. So I bought a pair of earrings but their products don’t stop at jewellery. They have everything from shirts, dresses and even amazing socks! If you need a little something to brighten your day, spark up your life maybe a dash of Typical Freaks is what you need!!


I hope your week starts off as bright as finding these earrings made me feel!

Rhiii xo


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