So I have been really excited about how my blog is coming along… Consistent posting, communicating with others and the fact it is encouraging me to push my photography to grow! I am grateful for those who have been supporting me and communicating with me! It is so encouraging!! Lately I have been quiet and it’s not because I haven’t been taking photos…

It’s just that I’ve been at a different point of inspiration… and now I finally know what it is! Lately I have been craving the physical creation of things, paint, draw, sculpt etc. and while photography is a wonderful creative outlet. I always find myself doing weird doodles and drawings either from things around me/and or random things that pop into my head. Β I do this then sometimes I will post a picture of it on Instagram or share it with my hubby and that’s about as far as this piece inspiration will travel.


But today I decided I will embark on another project of my own to give myself guidelines in which to create and grow in. I’ve always wanted to but have never felt good enough to create a “zine” for those who do not know what a zine is, it is a small circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images usually in black and white and reproduced via photocopiers (thanks Wikipedia). Anyway I admire so many Zine makers because they continue to create little artworks that entertain and inspire.

So today I decided I am going to make one, it will be titled “London Chills” and I think I will be putting in all the random/strange things I hear or observe as I pass through my London life. I have started the front cover of my first and hope that I will be photocopying my first volume very soon!! I plan to ask shops/cafes if I can leave some there for people to take for free, as long as they give a little entertainment I feel my job is done! I will probably try to scan and upload them here to my blog to so if you’re not in London you still get the feels of my lil books!!


Anyway that is just a little update on my creative life. I hope you are all well! What would you like to see in my “London Chills” zine? Would you be likely to pick one up? I hope your week has been a good one!

Bring on the weekend!!

Rhiii xx



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