María 6/100

Hello there!! Here I am, finally getting out of my “deep slumber ” moment and finding some strangers to photograph! If I want to finish before the year ends I need (according to my ever so lovely, likes to remind me of my goals husband) 9 strangers a month… NINE!! So I really need to get a wriggle on!

So without any more babble, let me introduce you to number 6/100.

_DSC5755This is María, my beautiful number 6! María was standing at Kensington High Street Station waiting for a friend when I spotted her. I had just taken the trip out there to do some Wholefoods Shopping before the easter weekend got underway. The weather today was that which most people expect when they hear the name London.


Yep. It was raining. It was also a little chilly so she was taking shelter inside the shopping/entry area. That’s when I decided maybe it was a good time to get the ball rolling again with my project and blog. I asked María if she’d be interested in being apart of my project and she kind of just stared at me like I was a weird ( we know I am a lil) but eventually she opened up, and I guess understood my rambling words of nerves and agreed to be photographed. As I took photos, we chatted about who María was.


María is from Madrid, Spain. Originally born in Peru (Lima) but she moved to Spain with her parents and brother when she was only 4 years old. Since then, Maria has been living in Madrid. “My lovely Madrid.” as she refers to it. She says she feels more Spanish than Peruvian. Although one day she would like to go back to Peru to learn more about her origins. (But just for holiday as she really loves Madrid.)


María and I talked about what she does and it turns out she is a teacher! She says since she was a kid she wanted to be a teacher and has never had any doubts. Now at 1 month shy of 28 years of age, María has studied a Bachelor’s Degree “Kindergarten Education” from 0 to 6 years old and is just finishing off studying another degree “Primary Education Specialized in English”.


When María moved to London for the very first time it was in 2012, she came to London because she wanted to study English and improve it. So, Maria was a student at EC London (Euston) for 10 months. During this time she met “amazing and wonderful” people and connected with them so much that when it was time to say “goodbye” and go back to Spain she felt that a part of her heart stayed in London. So, she promised herself: that she would come back to London. “Someday. Somehow.”


So, she spent the next year (2013) thinking about move to London again so she could be part of the amazing city. Finally, María and her boyfriend decided to leave Spain and come here in 2014. Now Maria has been living here for a year and two months and working in retail since then. After a couple of photos María’s friend arrived, so I quickly snapped the two of them, thanked her for her time and continued on my way home!


As most people have started their long weekends, I wish you safe and enjoyable times with friends, family and whoever else you might spend your time with. Remember the reason for the holiday break…

You are accepted.


No matter who you are, what you’ve done or what you might do. Just give it over to God! He’s already taken your burdens in exchange for life.

Till next time.

Rhiiila xo


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