Opportunities to release some creativity and a little bit of Wales.

It’s been awhile since I have released a blog post. This blog was supposed to be a platform to support my creative endeavors but as it happens after intentionally forcing myself to get out and creative for a while, I recently ended up in the land void of creativity. I was just focusing on work and moving house. I even went on a quick little trip to wales and failed to relish the opportunity for creativity (The stunning landscape was definitely inspiring and I didn’t take many photos). But recently, after finally moving into our own home. Even though I am now even more busy than before, inspiration for creativity has returned and I couldn’t be more excited!! I will write a full post on this a little later this week but for now I just wanted to pop by and say that I am still here and this is still a journey of creation, life and travel and I am SO excited about this new venture I am starting. It is now mid term break and I am hoping to get this thing up and running or at least onto it’s feet and I am so excited to share it with you. Can’t wait to see what you think of it… But for now I will share some of the (few) photos I took on our long weekend to wales! I really loved venturing around Wales and can’t wait to return soon!!

Have a happy start to the week I hope you enjoy the photos!



_DSC6358_DSC6332_DSC6284_DSC6323_DSC6322_DSC6224_DSC6242_DSC6249_DSC6252_DSC6268_DSC6260_DSC6198_DSC6202_DSC6211IMG_0039IMG_0055_DSC6435IMG_0047_DSC6424 _DSC6409_DSC6187_DSC6191 _DSC6245


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