New Project – Rhiiila

I am so excited to share with you this new project I’m working on. I am opening an Etsy shop called: Rhiiila. If you follow me on instagram you might recognize it, as it is the same name that I use for my instagram name. Rhiiila is all about creating and at the moment it is starting off with unique handcrafted  jewellery.Logo Idea1 RhiiilaYou might think to yourself, well what is this all about? What makes your jewellery special? To be honest, first and foremost it is the materials that I use that makes this product so unique! Each piece is extra special, because the wood that I use comes from the offcuts of the music instruments that my husband makes (predominantly, acoustic and bass guitars). So you  know that each bit of wood was apart of something else special and that you will be receiving quality, exotic woods in your jewellery piece.

But it’s also the design.

Each piece of jewellery will be unique, as it is all completely handmade. No machines involved, just good old-fashioned tools. Most designs will be based around geometric designs, which helps them to be timeless pieces of art that you can wear. so please visit my new store Rhiiila and have a look. There will be more designs and products to come so feel free to visit the store every now and then to see if there are any updates.


I’m nervous about people’s opinions, but I’ve accepted that this is all apart of making/creating and putting yourself out there to share your work! I hope you enjoy!


What creative project have you been working on lately? Leave a comment. I’d love to know and keep the creativity conversation alive!!


Rhiiila xo


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