Hi and welcome to my blog.

You can call me Rhi. I’m just an average person; who is often a little bit strange (but really, who isn’t!?). I love art, fashion, music, food, sugar, spice and all things nice. I have recently moved to London and this is a place for me to share my socially awkward adventures through this incredible city. Along with that I will probably be posting a lot about food, photography and maybe even some fashion. All the images you see on this blog belong to me unless I state otherwise (mostly shot by me or my husband if it turns out to be a photo of me!)

Thanks for stopping by to have a read; I hope you will stay.

Please leave a comment I’d love to get in contact with you, or you can send me an email at :

noseyantisocialite@gmail.com or my Instagram : @Rhiiila

Love Rhiii x




5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, I came across your blog while browsing Instagram this morning. I just moved to London from Toronto with my partner before the holidays and thought I would put myself out there as a potential stranger to grab a coffee or a drink with if you are at all interested. Sorry if this is a bit strange but hoping to find like minded people to hang out with in a city of a million strangers. My website is ashleyviolet.com and you can also find me as @ashley_violet. Either way, good luck with your project and love your work.

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    1. Hi Ashley! I love that you put yourself out there!! I am all for a potential coffee or drink! I am keen to meet some people. I am actually in Canada at the moment. So let get in contact abd we can chat more about it! Thanks so much for leaving a comment!


    2. Hello Ashley! I saw your comments on Rhiiila’s site regarding her site and thought I would introduce myself as well. I am located in Ruskin, Florida (just south of Tampa) in a semi-rural location. However, I just wanted to say hello. FYI, my middle name is also “Violet” too after my grandmother. Interesting! I have also taken on the challenge of photographing a 100 Strangers and it’s proving most interesting and somewhat exciting! Recommend it to anyone! Well, take care and enjoy London!


  2. Hello Rhi! So exciting meeting others around the world that have similar interests – in this case, photography! I love your photographs too – in particular, your version of the 100 Strangers Portraits project! I’m so glad I ventured out with this project and it’s teaching me so much about people, their interests, their hopes & dreams, that I wouldn’t have known had I not simply asked to take their picture! I just love it! Good luck to you as well and I’ll be following along on your adventures too! Take care and safe travels from Apollo Beach, Florida!


    1. Hi Kathy! It really is so exciting to make connections with other people through a similar interest! This project is definitely eye opening! Meeting a lot of people and hearing their stories. All the best on your journey as well! Thank you for the comment and kind words! I will be popping over to follow your journey as well!

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